How to Finish a Table Made of Hickory

The hickory hall table the questioner wanted some advice on how to finish. Best to finish before starting on the wine. I got this question from a friend and thought I should share my answer on the blog because it addresses several issues. Here’s the question: I was reading about finishing hickory...

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Next Generation Craftsman Tools

Remember Craftsman Tools? I do! Best hand tools in the world, and if you busted one you took it back to the store and they gave you a new one … no questions asked. And everyone had at least one tool...

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Building with Wood


Introducing the Daxophone

A recent daxophone by Daniel Fishkin, 2017, photo by Ben Tran. Hey! My name is Daniel, and this is the first of three posts about the daxophone, a very special and strange musical instrument that not many people know about outside communities of experimental music. The daxophone is a thin hardwood...

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